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Policegiri Full Movie Download 720p Hd

Policegiri Full Movie 720p HD: A Review

Policegiri is a 2013 Hindi action comedy film directed by K.S. Ravikumar and starring Sanjay Dutt, Prachi Desai and Prakash Raj. The film is a remake of the 2003 Tamil film Saamy, which was also directed by Ravikumar. Policegiri tells the story of DCP Rudra Aditya Devraj, a corrupt but charismatic cop who clashes with a ruthless gangster Nagori Subramaniam in a small town near the Andhra Pradesh-Maharashtra border. The film was released on July 5, 2013 and received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. The film was also affected by Sanjay Dutt's imprisonment during its release.


The film begins with Rudra (Sanjay Dutt) drinking beer early in the morning and then stealing a bike and going to the police station to get commission from the inspector. He then meets a man who takes him to a place where they sell guns and bombs. Finally, he meets a local gangster who hires him to kill a minister. He then kills the gangster and his henchmen and reveals himself as DCP Rudra Aditya Devraj, the new cop in town. The city of Karimnagar is riddled with crime and corruption and is controlled by Nagori Subramaniam (Prakash Raj) the local mafia. Initially, Rudra closes down a lot of businesses of Nagori. But when Rudra meets Nagori, he reveals that he is also a corrupt cop like others and even takes bribes so that Nagori accepts certain points. Nagori accepts and there is truce between the two.

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The conflict starts when residents complain about a petrol bunk selling less petrol to the public and a lady beaten up when she complained. The bunk is owned by Nagori. Rudra beats up the employees of the bunk as well as Nagori's henchmen. A war emerges between the two. Nagori then calls for a bandh of the market place. But on the day of bandh, Rudra and his team are prepared and drive away all the protestors. Rudra becomes a hero for the people of the city. But Nagori exacts his revenge by causing a riot in the market place and also blowing up a bomb killing many people on the very same day Rudra is marrying Seher (Prachi Desai). Nagori then tries to kidnap Seher but Rudra saves her life in time.

Rudra's activities invite the wrath of the police commissioner, who tries to control Rudra but in vain. Rudra receives his transfer orders and has seven days left in the town. He challenges Nagori that seven days is enough to finish him. The next day, Nagori's men take out a procession with the aim to kill Rudra. But Rudra and his team are prepared and he along with his men kill many of Nagori's men including an MLA and blames the crowd for the mishaps. Rudra then kidnaps Nagori's close accomplice who confesses to his and Nagori's involvement in the bomb blast and gets a warrant to arrest Nagori. Rudra is then called to a meeting by the commissioner where MLAs, MPs, Senior Police Officers and Ministers threaten him. He smartly controls them by claiming that his pen has a camera and a voice recorder and he'll release the footage to media.


  • Sanjay Dutt as DCP Rudra Aditya Devraj

  • Prachi Desai as Seher

  • Prakash Raj as Nagori Subramaniam

  • Om Puri as Commissioner

  • Rajpal Yadav as Tutu

  • Manoj Joshi as Inspector Javed

  • Mukesh Tiwari as Padam

  • Mukesh Ahuja as Jeweller

  • Arun Bali as Minister

  • Raju Mavani as MLA 2

  • Besant Ravi as Rajat Rawail as Toto

  • Jharna Sarkar as Jharna (Reporter)

  • Kishori Shahane as Seher's Mother


Policegiri is a typical masala entertainer that tries to cash in on Sanjay Dutt's star power and image. The film has all the elements of a commercial potboiler: action, comedy, romance, drama, songs and dances. However, the film fails to impress with its weak script, poor direction, outdated dialogues and over-the-top performances. The film is a scene-by-scene copy of the original Tamil film, which was also not a great film to begin with. The film does not offer anything new or fresh to the audience and relies on clichés and stereotypes. The film also suffers from a lack of logic and continuity in many scenes.

The only saving grace of the film is Sanjay Dutt, who carries the film on his shoulders with his charisma and screen presence. He plays the role of a corrupt but lovable cop with ease and flair. He also delivers some witty one-liners and punches with his trademark style. Prachi Desai looks pretty and does a decent job as the love interest of Rudra. Prakash Raj is wasted as the main villain, who does not have much scope to show his acting skills. He repeats his usual mannerisms and expressions that he has done in many films before. The rest of the cast is either mediocre or hamming.

The music of the film is composed by Himesh Reshammiya, Meet Bros Anjjan and Anjjan Bhattacharya. The songs are average and do not add much to the film. The background score is loud and jarring. The cinematography by N.K. Ekambaram is good and captures the locales of Hyderabad well. The editing by Samjith Mhd is sloppy and could have been tighter. The action sequences by Kanal Kannan are well-choreographed but too violent and gory for a family audience.

Overall, Policegiri is a disappointing film that does not live up to its expectations. It is a mindless entertainer that can be watched only for Sanjay Dutt's performance and some comic moments. It is not a film that will stay with you for long or make you think about anything.

Where to Watch

If you are interested in watching Policegiri full movie 720p HD, you can find it online on various platforms. Some of the sources are:

  • [IMDb]: You can watch Policegiri full movie 720p HD on IMDb with a subscription or rent it for a fee.

  • [YouTube]: You can watch Policegiri full movie 720p HD on YouTube for free with ads.

  • [Hotstar]: You can watch Policegiri full movie 720p HD on Hotstar with a subscription or rent it for a fee.


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