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One Piece Episode 918

This episode was the denouement for act one, and obviously lacked the energy of the amazing climactic fight between Luffy and Kaido. In that sense there were less visual flourishes and feasts for the eyes but it was by no means bad (and who wouldn't need a cooldown after everything we have just seen?). The scene transition with the blowing leaves over a white background was a great touch when shifting away from the Kiku and rescued pirates scene. I also really enjoyed the choice to have Luffy and Kid speaking in the dark with the two colors of text overlaid on top of each other in front of a black screen, I thought that did a good job of communicating the dark cell and darkness before the realization hit that they were in the same cell together. We also got a wonderful moment where an evil horse prison guard wore goggles and grinned maniacally! Sometimes it's the little things in life, you know?

One Piece Episode 918

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This episode begins with the arrival of news gulls on Gloom Island where Mihawk and Perona are currently residing. Between bouts of arguing over who has done more cooking, Perona notices on the front page of the paper that Gecko Moria is in fact alive! She sets off to make connect with him once again, and Mihawk's simple statement to be careful prompts her to weep from the sign of affection.

This was largely a transitional episode between chapters one and two, an interlude of sorts. Mostly exposition by way of newspaper and a few speeches, but it's always nice to get a peek in on other characters in the One Piece world just to see how they're doing.

I think there were enough interesting directorial choices to keep the episode interesting. There was a heavy emphasis on food and drink overflowing with red this episode. During the Mihawk and Perona scene we have these brief shots of the sandwiches(?) full to bursting with red jam, and see enormous globs of it spilling onto the plate. Meanwhile, during the moments with Blackbeard in his tower there was the bottle of wine that fell to the floor and we had an extended shot of the wine running red like a pool of blood on the stones. Both were effective ways to set the mood for the impending bloodshed coming between these various powerful factions.

Finally we spend time with Queen, King, and Jack discussing weapon distribution and the issues the Straw Hats have caused. There's some sniping between Queen and King with regards to not being able to control Luffy or Kid at the prison camp, and the episode draws to a close.

As the opening part of the act this is largely more setup for what will constitute the major events coming up. The emotional beats with Ashura in the beginning are probably the most effective, but largely this episode was about making sure we knew who all the players were and what to expect as the Kozuki clan begins making its move.

In terms of visual highlights, I think the opening segments are where this episode really shines. Wano's clashing color iconography and color palette make for a distinctive introduction. The lush verdant greenery and dazzling pink cherry blossoms clashing with the soot-covered industrial infrastructure in the distance is such a striking visual, and a helpful reminder of Wano being a land of harsh contrasts. The segments with Hitokiri shifting to blood red hues during the night-time murder sequences were also particularly gripping.

You will be able to watch One Piece episode 918 online on FUNimation, Crunchyroll, and AnimeLab. As I mentioned earlier, the anime airs its latest episode every Sunday. The episode air at 9:30 AM JST in Japan. Besides this, it will be available online, roughly an hour later. It means that the streaming platforms will release the episode around 10:30 AM JST on their respective websites. You can also stream the episode online for free on various streaming platforms. Still, we highly advise you to stream it on the official platforms only as this will support the creators, and we will be getting more seasons of our favorite anime.

Our 200th episode comes with a very special guest, guitar and jam band icon Warren Haynes! We're talking about a song that somehow it feels like everyone knows from birth, the Allman Brothers and Gov't Mule classic, "Soulshine," hitting our usual shenanigans, and more, like:

J.P. how are you doing today, man? I am doing fantastic. So this is a landmark episode, episode 200. And y'all know when we do these landmark episodes, these are geared towards us. These are episodes for us, by us, with the people that we know and love. Number 50, we had Phil Grande's guitar Joe Cocker.

When the night comes one of our favorite guitar, solos ever number a hundred Dave Barnes. The first time on was a Valentine's day episode. That was a hundred episodes. That was a hundred episodes ago, who knows, who knew that we would become such great friends on that one. Number a hundred, one 50. We went way too much of a deep dive on Kings X with Dug Pinnick, where we covered all things that you would ever want to know about six hours long.

We're going to focus on the government mule version because we're going to do an Allman brothers episode later. Of course, we're going to talk some almond with Warren later on. Just got more towards government Neil than almond brothers. That's right. Yes. And so we are, we also need to put forth a disclaimer here.

I'm just going to come in and read all the language. Yeah, that's right. This is the, this is the small rock that starts the landslide. So yeah, next week we'll be fully explicit and yeah, it's going to be fantastic. It's going to be almost 300. It's right. By episode 300. We're just full blown explicit.

He also, this is my favorite random Warren Haynes piece of trivia. He co-wrote two of a con working on full house. With Dennis Robbins and Bobby Boyd which ended up on Garth Brooks has massive album, no fences. That's I was like, what are you serious? And so, yeah, that's the most random. Yeah. I love it.

I don't want to do. All right, we're going to go talk to Warren and we'll be back to tuck you in at the end, but first need you to stop what you're doing right now. Holy cow, this is episode 200. Some of you listening have been with us since episode one. And for that, we applaud you. And we thank you greatly.

When you go to Great Song pod, but however, you are engaging with the show right now, however, you're listening, however long you've been with us and in whatever level you choose to engage or not. We are grateful to be in your ears today and have to have done it for 200 episodes, I think is a real accomplishment for a couple of guys who live really far away from each other.

This podcast should not have worked. It should not have lasted this long. And it definitely should not have become what it has become. Every episode that we have released here, though, we have recorded in the same room. We will not do the virtual thing when it comes to laying these down guys, we are, we are making it happen.

So you'll send us a shell gift card. I'm just kidding gas. Ain't cheap. Yeah. But here's to another 200 episodes, the 400 that's right. All right. When we're fighting, what is it? 300. We're going explicit. That's right. Just getting family-friendly from here on out guys. All right. That's it. Let's go talk to Warren Haynes and we'll be back to tuck you in at the end.

And that was the legend Warren Haynes on the Great Song podcast episode 200. It's a party. W actually it's, we're just recording this, like any other episode, there's not any particular party vibe, but thank you guys for being with us for 200 episodes. And I should've brought some hats, some streamers man

air horn. That was better. Yeah, we should have done it. That's kind of how they all sound. It's a little bit, but also a party horn would have been burp ripper. I've been appropriate. We didn't think ahead. Any of this, we're, we're recording this in the middle of a day where we're trying to record like 10 episodes throwing it all yet.

However, for every critically praised episode, there are slower paced ones with several issues. Toei Animation is not exactly MAPPA or even Madhouse. One Piece fans will notice whenever something is off standard.

This is simply a delightful episode to watch. Both Luffy and Tama explore their relationship with Ace. Viewers also get to see the Flower Capital in full color. The art direction is simply quite stunning to look at.

Aya Komaki put in a lot of work as the episode director. Whether it's the flowing rivers or the mountainous landscape montages, viewers can only wish that Wano Country was real. This would be a great vacation spot if it wasn't controlled by Kaido and his forces.

After infiltrating Onigashima, the Red Scabbards finally made their way towards Kaido. They managed to cut down every Beasts Pirate in their path. With that said, the episode's budget clearly went into this moment.

There was so much hype for this One Piece episode. Without a shadow of a doubt, the ending will send chills down every fan's spine. The animation standards were extremely high in the final scene. Each and every frame has several levels of detail, so it's worth a rewatch.

Right before that, the emotional stakes are built up with movie quality montages. Viewers are reminded why Luffy is fighting to protect Wano Country. One Piece fans will likely watch it again multiple times. This episode is truly the visual masterpiece of the entire series.

More than a few One Piece fans will take issue with this episode's placement. Zoro's main attacks have visually striking animation. However, that isn't the main issue, but rather the way it's used. It can be a little too much at times.

This entire sequence feels like nothing more than filler. Viewers already knew that Kaido wasn't going down that easily. What also doesn't help is the CGI dragon falling down. The overall animation wasn't quite up to par with the previous episodes, but that can't be helped.

There's a reason why this episode is rated poorly on websites like IMDB. Toei Animations spends too much time with unnecessary flashbacks. One Piece fans have already seen Oden's scenes multiple times by now. 041b061a72


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