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When Siddiqui's ex-mother and father-in-law filed a custody suit against the Siddiqui family in an attempt to see their grandchildren (the Siddiqui family refused to talk to them), Siddiqui's mother claimed under oath the FBI and US Justice Department officials had informed her that "the minors are with the mother and are in safe condition," the opposite of what such officials had told her American lawyer in May of that year.[50][102] Siddiqui's sister and mother denied that she had any connections to al-Qaeda and claimed that the US held her secretly in Afghanistan. They pointed to comments by former Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan, detainees who say Siddiqui had been at the prison while they were there.[85] Her sister said that Siddiqui had been raped, and tortured for five years.[103][104] According to journalist, Muslim convert, and former Taliban captive Yvonne Ridley, Siddiqui spent those years in solitary confinement at Bagram as "Prisoner 650". Six human rights groups, including Amnesty International, listed her as a possible ghost prisoner held by the US.[67][45] In early 2007, the Pakistan government started releasing more than a hundred people who had been listed as "missing".[105] At the time, the CIA reportedly detained up to 100 people at secret facilities.[106] S.H. Faruqi, Siddiqui's uncle, reported that Siddiqui visited him in January 2008 telling him she had been imprisoned and tortured at Bagram Airfield for several years and released to serve as a double agent infiltrating extremist groups.[107] Siddiqui herself later claimed that she had been kidnapped by US intelligence and Pakistani intelligence.[67]

Kidnapped The Wrong Sister Free Pdf Download


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